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Fit and Lean Professionals: fitness with your busy schedule in mind.  

When you're busy creating a successful career and everything else life throws at you, health and fitness is usually the first thing to go. I get it. You don't have a lot of time to exercise or to follow a strict meal plan. That's why I created the Fit and Lean Professionals workout and meal plan subscription so you can get fit and in shape with your busy schedule in mind.

Learn how to get fit, in great shape, and lose fat so you can take back control of your life!

Do you have intentions of going to the gym, but once you get there you have no idea what to do so you hop on the elliptical for a little bit? Maybe you’d like to start lifting weights but you aren’t sure where to start or if your form is good. You're worried about looking silly, so you avoid the weight area altogether. Not knowing what to do for exercise, and being uncertain about your form are 2 big reasons to skip working out. It makes sense though. You don’t want to get injured, and you don’t want to walk around aimlessly looking at different pieces of equipment. Plus with all those videos making fun of people at the gym, it’s no wonder people are less interested in working out.  

But if you could have a workout plan to follow, wouldn’t it be much easier to do it? You wouldn’t have to think about what to do each time you went to the gym or got home from work. You could just pull it up on your phone and know exactly what to do each time, from warm-up to cool-down.  

Better yet, if you had actual video of how to do each move, not just a static photo, wouldn’t you feel more confident in your ability to complete your workouts knowing that your form is on point!? I would too, so I made sure you got that in this program.  

When we’re short on time, having a plan can be the difference between completing a workout and opting for Netflix. We have to make so many decisions everyday, and it’s tiresome. But when you have something that you don’t have to make a decision on, you can just do it. Fit and Lean Professionals lightens the decision-making load by giving you 3 workouts a week that you don’t have to come up with yourself. You can just do them and continue on with your day. Such a blessing in our busy lives.  

Fit and Lean Professionals

Fit and Lean Professionals is the fitness subscription program for busy professionals like yourself. Having realized when you're busy, you don't have a lot of time to dedicate to long workouts or extensive meal prep. The workouts are quick, 30 minutes total, and the meal plan provides ideas for quick meals so you can keep on with you day, just with more energy and better nourished.  

There's evidence to show that taking care of yourself and getting into great shape has benefits in other aspects of your life including your career. When you're fitter and healthier, you are more productive, allowing you to spend more time doing the things that matter most to you. When you're fit and healthy, you have less mental fog and more energy to make it through the day. Your mood improves and so does your confidence. What's not to like. 

I have used these same workout methods with my clients one on one and in other group programs to get them to lose body fat and lean out for the long term.

So what exactly does Fit and Lean Professionals give you? 

Confidence: When we do something and we start to get good at it, it gives us confidence. There's many other reason why getting fit makes us more confident, but this is a big one. Feelings of success: Each workout you complete is a small success. And that feeling of achievement is one of the best feelings. Energy: Even though it feels like we’ll lose energy by exercising, we actually gain quite a bit after! When we eat a little better too, we don’t feel so sluggish after meals. Better mood: Exercise releases our feel good hormones, making it easier to deal with coworkers that drive us crazy. Clothes fitting better: Maybe a little vain, but it’s true. Who doesn’t like to feel good in their clothes!? Fat loss: These workouts are a mix of strength training, HIIT training, and fun. With more strength training comes more muscle, which is great for your metabolism and burning calories long after your workout is done. You’ll also get that toned and defined look.  

Imagine what your life would look like if you were making yourself your first priority, getting back into shape, feeling comfortable in your clothes again, having a fitness routine you love, and feeling strong both physically and emotionally. You know, just being and feeling healthy. It's awesome right?! Let's get you there together!  

How does Fit and Lean Professionals Works?  

With Fit and Lean Professionals, you’ll get 3, 30 minute workouts a week to help you tone up and burn fat. Additionally, you’ll have the option to add on a weekly meal plan and get your exercise and nutrition all in one spot.  

Exercise Program: 3, 30 minute LUCC (lower body, upper body, cardio, and core) workouts a week. You’ll get a mix of strength training, cardio, HIIT training, and of course plenty of abs and booty work! These workouts will be delivered to you on an app making it easier to take your workouts with you to the gym, your living room, or on your next work trip. Each workout will have a demo video of all the moves you’ll be doing so that you can feel confident completing your workouts. The app has a messaging system that will allow me to cheer you on and motivate you! I’ll also be able to see when you complete your workouts for a little extra accountability! The app has a calendar in it with your workout days already scheduled, but you can always move them around to best fit your needs. With your workouts scheduled on a calendar, it’s a little harder to skip them! With a built in community through the app, you’ll be able to motivate and be motivated by others in the program, share successes, and have even more support to keep going!  

Weekly Meal Plan: Think of your weekly meal plan more of the meal ideas for the week. There won’t be any need to measure or weigh food. I’m not going to tell you how many ounces of chicken to eat or calories to eat each day. I’ll do the heavy lifting for you here and come up with quick, healthy meal ideas for you each week. You can use all of them or some of them, it’s up to you! With each meal, I’ll be sharing helpful portions to keep you progressing on your fitness goals.  

You’ll receive ideas for breakfasts, lunches, dinners, and snacks. You’ll also receive recipes and grocery lists. Super simple for you. The meal ideas will be enjoyable, yet healthy. No plain chicken and broccoli over here. The meal plans at this time will be about 70% meat-based and 30% vegetarian. You’ll receive your weekly meal plan each week via email. When you choose to do both the exercise program and the meal plan, you’ll receive your meal plan each week through the app.  

What makes Fit and Lean Professionals Different?

You know what to do, you have all the information. But you need accountability to get you into action.

The biggest difference with Fit and Lean Professionals is the level of accountability you’ll receive. Having a fitness program is awesome, but if you don’t have the support and accountability to stick to it, it’s much harder. Having done many programs myself with little to no support, I found it very easy to stop at the first sight of a struggle. With having to completely motivate myself, it was a real challenge. While I can’t be there at every step, I definitely want to be able to support you.  

With a busy schedule, we need convenience and simplicity. Fit and Lean Professionals provides you with that. Convenient workouts where all you need is a pair of dumbbells and a little space to move around and simple meal ideas that be used for when you’re at home, eating on the go, or traveling. No special ingredients, just quick meals. Simple and convenient.  

While I’d love to work with everyone one on one, sometimes it just doesn’t fit the budget. But with Fit and Lean Professionals, you’ll get pretty close at an affordable price. It's your time to get fit!  

*Monthly workout subscription: introductory rate of $40 per month. 

*Monthly, weekly meal plan subscription: introductory rate of $40 per month.

  *Bundle and save! Get your monthly workout subscription and your weekly meal plan for $60 per month. Saving you $20 per month!

Cancel anytime! The subscription is monthly, giving you flexibility.  

Hear from a few of the many busy professionals who have benefited from working with EffiFit!

“Before starting, my biggest challenge was finding time and motivation to work out regularly. If I missed a day here or there, I would just skip the entire week. A week turned to weeks to months. From the program, I've learned to be consistent and not perfect. I find that I have more energy by the end of the day. I have leaner legs that are still muscular, and I'm sleeping about 7 hours or more a night.” 

- Ceci M - Physician Assistant

“The workouts you created were also awesome. Like others, I will find any excuse not to workout on my own, especially if it’s over 30 minutes. So your workouts were easy to follow and do after a long day of work. I like how you evolved as well, love those human moments that reminded myself that no one’s perfect but as long as we keep trying, that’s the point.” 

- Lisa W - Program Coordinator 

“Before starting with EffiFit, I had a hard time staying consistent and would cycle thorugh eating clean and then binging on foods that I didn't allow myself to have. During our time together, I learned moderation is key, and it is better to still have things that I love/can't live without so that I don't binge and ruin everything I worked for. For losing almost no weight, I have lost almost 5% body fat and can see a huge difference when I look in the mirror and love how much better my clothes fit! I'm not on a diet but living a healthy life!” 

- Alexia J - Teacher 

“The workouts have been so great!! Perfect amount of intensity! Obsessed! I got a massage today at work and was telling the girl about them, and she said she can totally tell that my legs are soooo tight and toned! I'm in heaven!!!” 

- Lauren J - Account Executive

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