Weekly Meal Plan #9: Vegetarian Dinners

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Weekly Meal Plan #9: Vegetarian Dinners includes 5 quick, veggie filled meals for any or all of your meatless dinner days.

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Weekly Meal Plan #9: Vegetarian Dinners

Vegetarian dinners are awesome for mixing up your eating routine.

It’s easy to eat a lot of the same stuff over and over, but why not try some different things? Whether you participate in meatless Monday, eating more vegetables is beneficial to your FitLife.

I’m not saying you should never eat meat (it’s a great source of protein), but having some more vegetarian dinners in your life is going to have many benefits. Some of these include: getting more fiber in your diet and reducing disease risk.

Let’s flex those flexitarian muscles with a few more vegetarian dinners in our lives.

Here’s are 5 vegetarian dinners for the week!

Weekly Meal Plan #9: Vegetarian Dinners

Spaghetti squash with chickpeas and kale by Love and Lemons

I’m a big spaghetti squash fan. I definitely overdid in the past and haven’t had any in about a year. But I think it’s time to bring it back. This recipe is a simple one, but does require time to make the spaghetti squash. To speed the time up, either roast the squash ahead of time, cook it in the microwave, or the pressure cooker in 7 minutes!

Get your own Instant Pot here!

Weekly Meal Plan #9: Vegetarian Dinners

Mexican-Style Vegetarian Stuffed Peppers by Crumb

I love stuffed peppers! They are damn delicious and nutritious (tehe). in fact, bell peppers have more vitamin C than oranges! With this one, feel free to skip the corn and add another veggie like mushrooms to the mix. If needed, you can also skip the cheese, but why would you do that?!

Weekly Meal Plan #9: Vegetarian Dinners

Healthy Vegetarian Quinoa Chili by peas & crayons

I looove chili. Beans are a great source of protein, and so is quinoa. As you know, we women don’t get enough protein for general body functioning, let alone to live the FitLife. This is hearty chili, you’ll hardly miss the meat. Plus it makes quite a bit meaning leftovers for lunches!

Weekly Meal Plan #9: Vegetarian Dinners

Sweet Potato and Black Bean Quinoa Bowls by Spoonful of Flavor

This meal is a great mix of protein and smart carbs and is quick and easy to make. Speed up the process some by buying the already cut and diced sweet potato. Sometimes we just don’t have time to peel and cut up potatoes when we’re starving after work.

Weekly Meal Plan #9: Vegetarian Dinners

Mexican Zucchini Burrito Boats by Making Thyme for Health

This one takes more time to prepare so add it to your meal prep day OR get your workout on while you wait! Zucchini boats are fun and versatile.

Which one will you make this week? Don’t forget to pin this for later!

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