2017 Year in Review

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2017 Year in Review

Looking back, 2017 flew by. I’ve never done a year in review in my life. But I find there’s some benefit to it. Usually I’m thinking about all the things I didn’t achieve going into the New Year. But this time I’m going to start with what went well and share some goals for 2018.

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2017 Year in Review

What went well in 2017.

  • I focused my fitness on endurance. I took some time off the weight to focus on my endurance training.
  • I got way more sleep. I finally decided about midway through the year that 4 hours of sleep a night was not helping me and was a bad example of health and wellness. I’m now sleeping 7 hours a night most nights. Woohoo!
  • I get a little more realistic with what I can do as one person. I used to set big goals for myself every weekend and hardly accomplish any of it. It made me realize that I can only focus on so much, like 3 things a day.
  • I helped busy women enjoy the process of getting fit and launched some dope programs. And my soul is so happy. I plan to help even more women in 2018.
  • I got to be a bridesmaid in 2 of my best friends from college weddings.


What didn’t go well.

  • Pretty much any relationship I have with people. I read an article that said you can only focus on 3 things at a time. My focus was my fitness, my full-time job, and EffiFit. In the process, a lot of friendships slipped, and I didn’t even see my sisters this year. I rarely saw my parents, and they live less than an hour from me. In 2018 I plan to do better.
  • I got bored with cardio. I ran a 5k every month through August. I even teetered with running a half marathon. I didn’t really enjoy mostly cardio and have learned that LUCC workouts and strength training make my soul happy.
  • I got pretty emotionally drained and let things out of my control suck a lot of my energy. I hope to work on that in 2018.


Where I’m headed for 2018.

In the Busy Professionals Getting Fit Group, I asked the group if they were planning to set any resolutions for 2018. Most said no because resolutions feel negative. I think they’re similar to goals and have set some myself. I plan to do things monthly to achieve them. One of my best friends sent me a copy of the Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin, and that is how I plan to structure my year. Maybe I’ll give you updates at the end of each month on how I’m doing for extra accountability in achieving my goals.


Here are my 4 resolutions

#1 Put more effort into my relationships with people. I know I can be a better friend, girlfriend, sister, and daughter. I have specific actions I’ll take each month to achieve this.

#2 Pay off my credit cards. Then maybe I could travel to see my sisters and friends!

#3 Workout a minimum of 3x a week doing strength training and HIIT training.

#4 Learn coding! And I’ve already started a course through Skillcrush!

I’ve also got some goals for EffiFit, which I think you’re going to love!

What goals or resolutions do you have for 2018?

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Until next time! -Atim


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  1. Agness of Fit Travelling
    | Reply

    I hope that you get to achieve everything you’re planning for 2018. You’re truly inspiring and don’t put yourself down, we can be successful and good in every aspect of life. 😉

    • Atim Effiong
      | Reply

      Thanks Agness! I think I’m just learning that I can’t do everything and am working on being okay with that. I hope you have a great 2018 as well!

  2. Laurie
    | Reply

    Hello Atim! I can’t quite remember how I found your blog, but I enjoy reading it all. I especially enjoyed this “year in review” post. Your honesty (frankness) is refreshing. I too have found that I have to do less otherwise I’ll be burnt out (not good for my RA). Everyday I try to set aside 30 minutes to read or watch TV and play with my dog. Oh she’s a love! One major goal I have set for 2018 is to learn CPR. I’ve been waiting for others to set up a class, but they haven’t, so I’m going to do it myself. Have a blessed holiday and Happy New Year!

    • Atim Effiong
      | Reply

      Laurie, thank you for all your kind words. I like your goal of learning CPR. It’s such a valuable skill to have. Enjoy time with your dog, dogs are the best!

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