30 Day Challenge: Walk and Drink Your Way to Fit

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Who loves a good 30 day challenge? Sometimes we need a little kick in the pants to get us going on our fitness journey.

Sometimes all we need is a 30 day challenge to jump start our habits and get us focused on ourselves again.

With this 30 day challenge, we’ll be focusing on moving more during the day by increasing our steps daily and getting hydrated by drinking more water throughout the month. Which in turn will increase our energy levels and help our clothes fit better.

Why walking and water? Because both are simple to do and include into your schedule. Both are truly beneficial to improving your health. Plus moving more and drinking more water may even help jump start some weight loss.

Here are 4 benefits of walking and drinking more water.

4 benefits of walking:

#1 It helps you sleep better! Which when we’re busy, the last thing we want is to have trouble sleeping.

#2 It reduces our risk of chronic disease. We ain’t got time for diabetes, high blood pressure, or heart disease!

#3 It makes us happy. Moving and staying active gives us endorphins that make us feel great and improve our mood!

#4 It relieves stress. By being active, we reduce stress, and that reduction in stress makes us view life in a more positive light.

4 benefits of drinking water:

#1 It gives is beautiful skin. When we’re hydrated, our skin is so happy!

#2 Water keeps your kidneys happy!

#3 Increases your energy! When you’re feeling tired, drink some water and see what happens!

#4 Keeps you regular, if you know what I mean!

Add an additional 250 steps a day and 8 oz of water every 3 days. This is great if you’re just getting back into some form of physical activity. The goal is keep you going and having you stay consistent. If we start out too fast too soon, we’re likely going to quit because: it’s too hard, too demanding, or you get too sore and need to take a long break before you can get back.

Increase 500 steps a day if you want to increase the intensity. This would be great if you have already started to be active. Even with being active a few days a week, sitting the rest of the time isn’t helpful at all in reaching your fitness goals and keeping yourself healthy.

30 Day Walking and Water Challenge to Get Fit

Share with a friend or coworker, and do it together. We’re more powerful in groups then trying to go at it alone. When we have support and accountability, we’ll be more likely to stick to the plan. And when we have a community of like-minded people after the same goal of getting fit and healthy, we’re truly unstoppable. Join a community and get the support you need to succeed in the Busy Professionals Getting Fit Group! Go at your pace. If you don’t increase the number of steps each day, no problem. But stay consistent and move each day (walking to and from your car, walking to your coworker’s desk, or taking the stairs all count). 

If you’re looking for something more, check out the LUCC Your Body: 3 Months to a Fitter and Healthier You! With a busy schedule, there often isn’t a lot of time to take care of ourselves. But it doesn’t have to be that way. LUCC Your Body allows you to: exercise 3 times a week at home or at the gym with effective workouts done in 30 minutes of less;  eat healthy with simple but effective meal ideas and portion control for when you eat at home or out at a work lunch or dinner with friends; and build healthy habits to make it last. Our success comes down to being consistent and not perfect. When we get fit and healthy, we feel better, we more confident, and we thrive in life!

Until next time! -Atim

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    Wow! This is a really awesome project and challenge! I will definitely give it a try and let you know the results!

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