Goals, do they help or hinder your progress?

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Goal setting for success We set goals all the time in life. *Get to bed by 11pm. *Finish that big project at work before leaving for vacation. *Get fit again. Setting goals in everyday life seems beneficial, but is that … Read More

5 Online Personal Trainer Benefits as a Busy Professional

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Having a busy schedule can make it challenging to achieve your fitness goals and stay healthy. When we’re busy, what is the first thing to go? Ourselves. We stop taking care of ourselves. We sleep less, we stop exercising, and … Read More

Eating Well Without Cooking Part 1: Precooked Meals

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Eating Well Without Cooking Part 1: Precooked Meals is a 2 part series on how to eat well with a busy schedule even if you don’t have time to cook all your meals. You can still eat well and reach … Read More

Before you do that detox diet…

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Now that you’ve come back from vacation feeling heavy and bloated, you think it’s time for a detox. Before you start Googling juice cleanse, detox, or detox diet, or worse going and buying some detox supplement, STOP! It doesn’t have … Read More

Getting lean and healthy part 5: stress management

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6 steps to getting lean and healthy – Part 5: stress management and sleep   Let’s address the elephant in the room: Stress management and sleep. And if both of these are poor, you’re really going to struggle to get … Read More

Getting lean part 4: exercise

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    It’s time to start feeling great, and that starts today with exercise!   In part 4 of 6 steps to getting lean and healthy, we’ll be discussing exercising with a busy schedule. Yes you do have time to … Read More

6 steps to getting lean and healthy – Part 3: eating

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  Wouldn’t it be great to have energy from morning ‘til night without the 3pm crash where you start searching for snacks and coffee to boost your energy? I do too! You might feel good, but it’s time to feel … Read More

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