Goals, do they help or hinder your progress?

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Goal setting for success We set goals all the time in life. *Get to bed by 11pm. *Finish that big project at work before leaving for vacation. *Get fit again. Setting goals in everyday life seems beneficial, but is that … Read More

5 Online Personal Trainer Benefits as a Busy Professional

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Having a busy schedule can make it challenging to achieve your fitness goals and stay healthy. When we’re busy, what is the first thing to go? Ourselves. We stop taking care of ourselves. We sleep less, we stop exercising, and … Read More

Holiday Bash HIIT

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Holiday Bash HIIT is sure to get your holiday day going! Using the LUCC method, you’ll get a quick and effective total body workout. You’ll burn fat and stay fit during the holidays! As you know, I love HIIT and … Read More

LUCC Method Workouts

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LUCC Method Workouts hit everything you need for a quick, effective, total body workout. What’s the LUCC Method? It focuses on getting all your major muscle groups plus cardio to bring you the best workout when you’re short on time. … Read More

Simple portions to get lean

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Portions and portion control are simple ways to lose weight, get lean, and not go crazy counting calories. We’ve become so used to counting calories and making eating a math equation. We get so worried about it that we end … Read More

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