Abs and Booty HIIT

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Hey hey! I’ve got your weekly at home HIIT workout!

This one was so fun, quick, and a burner for sure. I was sore the next day in all the right places! Aside from warm up and cool down, this HIIT workout took me 9 minutes. Totally doable when you’re short on time.

Abs and Booty HIIT!

effifit abs and booty hiit workout

Why each movement?

Push-ups: when done correctly, you have to use your abs quite a bit to hold yourself up and throughout the entire motion. If you aren’t feeling them, squeeze your butt and abs while you’re laying on the ground before pushing yourself up. You should definitely notice a difference now, and you just improved your form.

Squats: squats are like the Beyonce of booty werk, they are queen! Remember to sit back on to your heels (keep your weight on your heels) to really engage your butt, and always squeeze your butt at the top!

Plank jacks: these are a fun way to work your core and get your heart rate up. If jumping is too much, you can always step one leg out at a time.

Lunges: another great booty movement and abs too. Keep your core tight the whole time. This will help keep your back straight and improve your form. Push off from your leg in front when coming back to the standing position.

Jumping jacks: get your heart rate up. Great for leaning out!

Catch me doing the workout below!

Either do it with me, or watch for form. Don’t forget to warm up, cool down, stretch, and drink some water!

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