Goals, do they help or hinder your progress?

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Goal setting for success We set goals all the time in life. *Get to bed by 11pm. *Finish that big project at work before leaving for vacation. *Get fit again. Setting goals in everyday life seems beneficial, but is that … Read More

Simple portions to get lean

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Portions and portion control are simple ways to lose weight, get lean, and not go crazy counting calories. We’ve become so used to counting calories and making eating a math equation. We get so worried about it that we end … Read More

Abs and Booty HIIT

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Hey hey! I’ve got your weekly at home HIIT workout! This one was so fun, quick, and a burner for sure. I was sore the next day in all the right places! Aside from warm up and cool down, this … Read More

All-or-nothing thinking keeping you from the FitLife?

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So today I ate cookies. Normally I would feel really guilty about this but this time it was different. In the past I would think of ways to compensate for my behavior. I thought that to get results I had … Read More

The 7s HIIT

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Another week, another workout! The last week and a half have just flown by. I was in Atlanta for my sister’s wedding, and I was #maidofhonor. I went for the week to make sure everything was in order before the … Read More

Weekly Round Up #3

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Did you have a good week? Overall, mine was pretty great. Most of the week I felt like a chicken with my head cut off but for good reason. The Fall Into Fitness Sugar Free Challenge came to an end, … Read More

Total Body HIIT

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Another busy week, another quick HIIT workout to get you moving and fit again. When the days get crazy, finding time for yourself and your fitness can be challenging. But when we break it down into 15 minute chunks instead … Read More

Weekly Round Up #2

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It’s officially fall! I love fall. #basic. I never realized my love for fall until I moved to Arizona for grad school. There was no fall, at least not as noticeable as in Utah with the leaves changing and the … Read More

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