Gobble Gobble HIIT

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Gobble Gobble HIIT is a quick and effective workout to get your heart rate up and get your sweaty before that big holiday meal. Holidays can set us back on the FitLife without a successful game plan. Last week I … Read More

Weekly Round Up #3

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Did you have a good week? Overall, mine was pretty great. Most of the week I felt like a chicken with my head cut off but for good reason. The Fall Into Fitness Sugar Free Challenge came to an end, … Read More

Before you do that detox diet…

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Now that you’ve come back from vacation feeling heavy and bloated, you think it’s time for a detox. Before you start Googling juice cleanse, detox, or detox diet, or worse going and buying some detox supplement, STOP! It doesn’t have … Read More

Getting lean and healthy part 5: stress management

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6 steps to getting lean and healthy – Part 5: stress management and sleep   Let’s address the elephant in the room: Stress management and sleep. And if both of these are poor, you’re really going to struggle to get … Read More

Getting lean part 4: exercise

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    It’s time to start feeling great, and that starts today with exercise!   In part 4 of 6 steps to getting lean and healthy, we’ll be discussing exercising with a busy schedule. Yes you do have time to … Read More

6 steps to getting lean and healthy – Part 3: eating

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  Wouldn’t it be great to have energy from morning ‘til night without the 3pm crash where you start searching for snacks and coffee to boost your energy? I do too! You might feel good, but it’s time to feel … Read More

6 steps to healthfully getting lean – part 2: habits

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In part 2 of our 6 steps to healthy weight loss and getting lean series, we’ll be discussing creating simple habits to improve your health and your body while busy and on the go. If you haven’t had a chance … Read More

4 takeaways from my most recent BURNOUT

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Almost 3 months into running my own business full-time, it happened. Burnout. “What is going on?” I kept asking myself. “Just focus!” Then the tears started, almost every day for about a week. Crying on my way to networking events, … Read More

So we finally meet!

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  It’s finally here! EffiFit has a blog, and it’s going to be awesome!   Whether you’ve been wondering what EffiFit truly is about or who’s behind EffiFit, you’ll know both by the end of this post. You’ll also have … Read More