The 7s HIIT

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Another week, another workout!

The last week and a half have just flown by. I was in Atlanta for my sister’s wedding, and I was #maidofhonor. I went for the week to make sure everything was in order before the wedding, nails, hair, bridal shower. All the good stuff. I also got to see all of my sisters and so many family members literally from all over the world.

When things get busy, either with your career or wedding season, it can be harder to get in the workouts that make us feel amazing and reduce our stress. I didn’t do this one on the trip, but I should have. It only took me 11 minutes to complete. With a little warm up and cool down, I was done in a little less than 20 minutes. It was super quick, effective, and kicked my ass!

The 7s HIIT

EffiFit the 7s HIIT Workout

Pro Tips

Squats: Squat to where you are comfortable. Keep the weight on the heels. Drive the knees out. Squeeze your butt at the top!

Jumping jacks: Step one leg out at a time if jumping isn’t your thang.

Push-ups: Keep elbows in close to body (see video). Keep core and butt tight.  Chest to deck, no halvies.

Mountain climbers: Keep core tight. Walk the knees in one at a time instead of running them, if needed.

Deadbugs: Keep lower back glued to the ground the whole time.

Supermans: Squeeze your butt at the top.

Burpees: Step the feet out to create the plank position and then step them back in to return to the start.

Rest as needed.

And if you want to do the workout with you, follow along below!


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